Hair Loss

Hair loss (often known to some as alopecia or baldness) is a condition where hair falls out and stops growing in parts of the body where it traditionally should. Hair loss is a common problem in men and women. Although technically hair loss can exist anywhere on the body the most likely place (and the place where people often seek most assistance with) is on the head. Hair loss can happen in men and women for a number of reasons. Genetics and hormonal factors often play a part in whether you are going to suffer from hair loss and to what extent. Sometimes hair loss can be a short term / temporary condition or part of a longer-term problem, so it is important to get professional advice.

There are many treatments available for hair loss and broadly these are either surgical or non-surgical types.

Non-surgical types can involve something as simple as waiting. If the hair loss is temporary or as a side effect of medication or another medical procedure, this will soon become apparent. It is also best to rule out any other underlying medical factors so you can be sure that something else isn’t presenting. Actual non-surgical remedies for hair loss include medication, creams and tablets which can target the problem.

If non-surgical remedies do not work or show little response then surgical remedies may be considered. Types of procedures include hair transplants, artificial hair surgery or scalp reduction. These are more complicated and intricate procedures. They are viewed as medical treatments and as such should only be carried out by a qualified professional after an extensive consultation and discussion.

Hair loss procedures under the care and co-ordination of Dr Camilo Diaz can result in some truly phenomenal changes to the look and quality of a persons life. Whether you are a man or women suffering from hair loss, help is at hand, and Dr Diaz will ensure a top quality, professional and confidential service.