Dr Diaz understands that if you are considering dermatology procedures you will have many questions that need honest answers. Unlike some where you can literally end up with more questions than answers, Dr Diaz aims to ensure that you are fully aware of all the facts and important information when taking such a vital decision.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to answer some of the most common queries that are received or asked by people.

Q1) Who is Dr Camilo Diaz?

A1) Dr Camilo Diaz is a leading consultant and specialist in dermatology. With a specific interest in hair loss, restoration, and non-invasive procedures, Dr Diaz has trained with world leading experts in the field of dermatology allowing him to bring a wealth of knowledge and clinical precision to his patients and clients.

Q2) What are non-invasive procedures?

A2) The medical definition of non-invasive procedures is one that involves not breaking the layers of the skin or ‘penetrating’ the body. It is essentially any treatment which stays external to the body.

Q3) Can you define hair loss?

A3) Many people suffer from some form of hair loss but it is most noticeable and problematic on the head. The medical term for hair loss is alopecia and it is defined as either a full or part reduction of hair from the body, in a place where it would be normally expected to grow.

Q4) Can hair loss be treated?

A4) Yes, there are a number of options that can be explored and these generally focus on non-surgical or surgical routes. Which will be best for a person will depend on their individual circumstances and whether any other remedies have been tried before. Hair loss treatment is always best discussed with a professional.

Q5) How much of an expert is Dr Diaz?

A5) Dr Diaz’s medical training initially goes back to the 1990s where he developed an interest and specialism in Dermatology and later the area of hair loss. Dr Diaz has successfully treated thousands of patients thanks to expert training and regular reviews of current field trends and advances.

Q6) What makes Dr Diaz different?

A6) Dr Diaz truly cares about his clients. Dr Diaz aims to put everyone at the centre of their own treatment programme involving them in as much of the process as possible. This combined with his relaxed yet highly professional personality and approach to his work, ensures that his clients have the finest balance of dermatologist and hair surgeon that could possibly be needed.

Q7) What are the prices for your procedures?

A7) Prices depend on individual client circumstances – this can take account of the actual procedure being carried out and the scale of the procedure. Without turning this into a price list, it is best to explain what Dr Diaz does that’s different within his procedures.

All consultations carried out by Dr Diaz are done from a sole medical perspective and clients will never be viewed as just a potential sale.

Most procedures come with after care and medications ensuring that on-going support and assistance is received.

Q8) Has Dr Diaz really received training in the United States?

A8) Yes, Dr Diaz has travelled the world in his career and one of the highlights of his recent successes was to meet and train with some of the world’s top professionals in the field of hair loss and hair restoration procedures.

Q9) What personal qualities does Dr Diaz possess?

A9) Dr Diaz believes that a successful medical professional not only has to have the knowledge but the ideal personality as well. Dr Diaz is a professional and reliable surgeon with a huge attention to detail, resulting in a first class and empathetic approach to his work. This ensures his clients receive the highest standards of care.

Q10) How does teaching help Dr Diaz’s clients?

A10) Dr Diaz teaches junior dermatologists and medical students at Birmingham University. This ensures he stays up to date with new and pioneering research in the field, allowing him to pass the benefits of this onto his patients and clients.

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